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Hell Yes! Offers

Hell Yes Offers program by Lauren Ciesco

Create an offer so desirable and aligned, it makes you a magnet for your soul clients that are a Hell Yes! right now. After this program you will be so clear about your offer, the results you’re offering your clients, and will know how your offer is unique so you stand out and can confidently charge premium prices.

Hell Yes! Let's Go!

The Offer Fix

The Offer Fix by Lauren Ciesco

You have an offer, you’re making offers, but you’re not signing the number of clients you want. You will have my eyes and brain {20 years of sales and marketing experience} on your offer to help you tweak it so you can sign more clients now.

Let's Fix My Offer!

Effortless Sales

Effortless Sales by Lauren Ciesco

Learn how to sign premium 1:1 soul clients on repeat, effortlessly. Sustainable soul strategy that will get you to $100k +, one soul client at a time. You can use this strategy organically {no paid ads} or apply it to the strategy of your choice to make your strategy work and feel aligned to you.

Make My Sales Effortless!

Embodied 1:1
Coaching & Mentoring

Embodied 1:1 Coaching and Mentoring with Lauren Ciesco

For the coach, healer, or creative that knows you were born to share your soul gifts with the world. You’ve already decided your success is inevitable and you want to create a sustainable business in a way lights you the fuck up and is a conduit for your soul’s work.

I'm all in!