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You know in your soul you are meant to share your gifts to help others.

You envision having your own business where you are getting paid to do the thing that lights you up.

You’ve read all the self-help books, done all the courses, listened to all the podcasts and might even have a fancy certification that you were sure was the ticket to having a successful business…

But you don’t have those results yet because you keep getting in your own way.

Explore the ways to up-level your business and bank account

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I’ve been there too.

After years of shoulding, overthinking, over-working and looking to others for the answer, I learned the answers I was looking for were inside of me.

Your business is a reflection of who you are BEing, not what you are DOing.

Everything started working for me in my business when I learned to lead from my Inner Power.

Inner Power is just a fancy way of saying your ability to be your authentic self, to live your Truth, to have that unwavering self trust, and to live as if your success is inevitable (because it is).

When you learn how to harness this Inner Power, you then have the ability to create clients and money on repeat just for being you, in a way that feels effortless and fun.

It’s my mission to teach you how to tap into this power within you so you can have it all. A life AND a business that lights you up and is beyond what your mind can imagine.

Are you ready?

Let’s dive in together!

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Hear Some Amazing Success Stories

I used to think sales was the worst part of business. I struggled with it, feeling like a fake, smarmy used car salesman. Awkward. Lauren taught me how to sell from my heart, how to connect with potential clients in a way that feels right.


Lauren was there 100% and showed up with awesome energy for every session. I really learned about my stuck emotions and have learned so much about myself personally. I also booked 2 clients during the first 5 weeks effortlessly.


Her approach is so different from all the other coaches/courses I have done in the past. It opened my eyes to the possibilities of what I could accomplish and showed me that there is not just one way to achieve success in my business. That everything comes from within and to stop looking for what I need externally.