The Unconventional {and Shocking} Ways to Build Your Business 

Episode 13: The Unconventional {and Shocking} Ways to Build Your Business 

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Recording this Podcast episode left me with a vulnerability hangover.

I had to do a lot of inner work, coaching and brake a lot of “rules” to become the person who could candidly share what I share on today’s episode.

In this episode we are breaking down old paradigms that keep us thinking and acting as if working hard equals us being worthy of results or money and other bullshit lies we learn around business.

Say bye-bye to the old-school, patriarchal influenced business strategies that feel icky, graspy, and don’t factor in the spiritual and energetics. {which is the magical part}

There is a whole new paradigm for building a business where your intuition and desires are calling the shots. Where selling doesn’t feel like selling, where you’re a master of the energetics {your inner world} so you trust that results are always on the way.

You get to make the rules in your business. The universe literally responses to our energy and when you know how to set energetic standards in your business that are based on your energy, preferences, desires and fun…. 

The end result is a business that you freaking love, feels sustainable and lights up both you and your clients. 

This has been the most scary, vulnerable episode I’ve ever created but I’m pulling back the curtains because I know this is exactly what you need to hear to build a business your way.

Warning: Some of these might shock you and I wouldn’t recommend listening with headphones if you’re around your kids.. #justsayin

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