Hear it From Your Peers

We don't like to brag, but we're changing the game

“Lauren's class was truly amazing! Her approach is so different from all the other coaches/courses I have done in the past. It opened my eyes to the possibilities of what I could accomplish and showed me that there is not just one way to achieve success in my business. That everything comes from within and to stop looking for what I need externally. She taught us about making offers, posting on social media, consults, etc and doing it all from a place of inner alignment. Her course just got better and better every week. She was so excited every call and I could feel her energy coming through my laptop. I also had the opportunity to be coached by her several times during this course which was amazing and so helpful. I learned so much from this course and would highly recommend it!”

Holly M.

“Joining Effortless Sales and working with Lauren was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! I now have an entirely new view about how I relate to my own business and my customers. Lauren's knowledge of how to truly align, attract, and make sales effortless is invaluable. The course was developed in a very thoughtful fashion with each week building on itself. Lauren remains engaged, available and delightful while surprising us with extra content as needed. I have never felt more aligned in my business and I actually look forward to using social media to promote it - something I never thought I’d say! I can’t wait to see what this next year has in store now that I’ve taken this course. I would highly encourage anyone to consider this course and working with Lauren to achieve your greatest sales success.”

Susan C.

“I used to think sales was the worst part of business. I struggled with it, feeling like a fake, smarmy used car salesman. Awkward. Lauren taught me how to sell from my heart, how to connect with potential clients in a way that feels right. I learned how to align my energy with my offer to make it irresistible to the clients that were meant to work with me. She also taught me how to get out of my own way, and clear up my negative self-talk and doubt. I HIGHLY recommend Lauren and Effortless Sales. This program is not only helping my business, but I'm applying it to other areas of my life as well. It's a game-changer!”

Kelli R.

“Lauren was there 100% and showed up with awesome energy for every session. I really learned about my stuck emotions and have learned so much about myself personally. I also booked 2 clients during the first 5 weeks effortlessly. For real. I wasn't even making offers. People that have been in my group have been messaging me. I used feminine energy and booked them both over messenger. They didn't even want to get on the phone - they just said YES and bill me. Um, yes, please!!”

Deb P.

“The Effortless Sales Method is a new way to approach the sales process. I learned so much about energy and utilizing it in a way that feels aligned to me. It was the missing link for nailing my consults! Thank you Lauren for everything you put into this value packed program. Super charged for continued growth in this area of my business.”

Patricia C.

“What I learned most from Lauren is to trust. To stop trying so hard and allow my unique magic to flow from me generously. This is a huge shift from out of my head and into my heart and body. It not only feels so much better, but it works. I welcomed a new client and three clients re-signed. Thank you Lauren! You being you unapologetically inspires me to do the same.”

Annique S.

“When I started Effortless Sales I wanted to learn how to attract more clients. What I've received is so much more! I am transforming my limiting beliefs and as a result, I'm showing up aligned & authentically for myself and my clients. I don't spend time spinning my wheels on what next steps to take, and I am confident in knowing that I can attract my soulmate clients just by being myself!”

Jessica S.

“Over the last 5 years, I've received 100's of hours and well over $5,000 worth of sales training and none of it worked for me. The reason? Selling with masculine energy felt completely out of alignment for me. Being told I had to close someone on an hour-long phone call (or faster) and that if I let them off the phone they would never come back just caused my energy to become convincing and needy. YUCK. Lauren's process goes completely against everything I'd been taught before. Other coaches talk about believing in yourself and your client but no one goes so far as to truly teach you HOW to do this (without BS mantras and fake-it-til-you-make-it routines). And then she takes it a step further and tells you that you MUST follow your intuition. Forget the scripts! Forget hitting all the 'critical' points. Nothing feels better than having a conversation with someone who truly cares about you and FEELS you. That's what a great sales conversation is made of. Thank goodness for Lauren. Everything about the way I attract and close and retain clients has changed in the past year as a result of the work I have done with her.”

Megan A.

“This is not your average sales course that teaches you what to say and when. This goes much deeper than that. Lauren teaches us how to trust ourselves, so that memorizing a script isn’t necessary. She helps us create an inner confidence that radiates out to clients. It changes how you move through the world and it definitely changes your marketing.

I would recommend Effortless Sales to coaches that are sick of following everyone else’s advice on what they should do. I started to listen to myself and then each decision I made was so purposeful and felt right. No more worrying if I was doing it “right”. I have a great plan moving forward that I’m excited about, but more importantly, I know how I will take the next step and the next, because I learned how to make the best decisions for me. It is so much fun to be excited about my business and the direction it is going instead of hesitant or worried!

Lauren has such great energy. She shares that in every module and it gets you excited! The work is challenging but it is the missing step that I hadn’t figured out on my own. Now I feel like I have all the tools to spread my message and help all the people.”

Helena A.

“A couple of days after I decided to hire a coach for business/sales, Lauren launched her Effortless Sales program. I listened to her talk about the program and read every word of her copy. She was speaking directly to me. I was having some program commitment issues though, so I asked if I could chat with her for a few minutes and ask her my questions (a.k.a. objections on committing to another program). We met on Zoom the next day and she listened to my concerns without trying to talk me out of them. I was concerned it would be just another program that skimmed over basic business topics and say the same things I had heard before. She let me know where I was at was perfect and Effortless Sales covered all the topics I was struggling with. The authenticity of that Zoom call was pure magic and I signed up while still on Zoom!

Little did I know, Lauren was about to teach me everything she did on that call and exactly why and how we both felt amazing about it. I felt so energized after asking her my questions and I could not wait to get started. I logged in and started listening to the Foundational Videos of the course. Even with as much information consumption I had done in all my spinning about business and sales (and it was a lot), almost everything in Effortless Sales was a new concept for me. I learned so much!

Then I started applying the material…any place that I had felt stuck before literally melted away and answers just poured out of me! It was incredible! I just followed the Effortless Sales Formula that Lauren laid out and got to work. It was easy and easy was not a word I had used to describe my business before. I had new wins to share every couple days and things just felt good! I felt like my business started to represent me and serve my clients better and I was no longer looking outside for the answers I told myself I didn’t have. Lauren likes to say this program is the missing piece you need for your business and I agree one-hundred percent!

The best part about this program, though, is that I no longer stall out or spin in confusion about what to do next. That part is in the formula, too! I know what I need to do if I am out of alignment, feeling doubtful, or just not moving forward. I trust myself and I know how to return to a confident place if I start to get shaky. I am so thankful for this program and it came to life at the perfect time! Highly recommend Effortless Sales and Lauren Ciesco!”

Kelley F.