Money, Mindset & Manifestation with Jamie Berman

Episode 10: Money, Mindset & Manifestation with Jamie Berman

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This conversation is one you’re not going to want to miss! In fact it might be one of those episodes where you have to keep rewinding because there are so many quotable moments that blow your min, you need to hear it again. What I love most about this conversation is that Jamie and I pull back the certain and candidly share our journeys and evolving understanding of money and manifestation in our businesses.

This isn’t your typical conversation around money, mindset and manifestation, we’re here to blow up the lies, share our truths, and give you the REAL secret to manifesting money!

In this conversation we cover…

  •  How we both went through similar journey’s in our businesses and both switch our niche’s after allowing our intuition and desires to guide us.
  •  How our minds get in our way from manifesting what we want.
  •  Manifesting is letting go and allowing
  •  Reprogramming the big blocks in our way from manifesting money
  •  Setting your own rules. Jamie and I share the rules we live by
  •  The REAL secret to manifesting
  •  The top beliefs keeping people from manifesting money

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