Monetize Your Zone of Genius

Episode 11: Monetize Your Zone of Genius 

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The biggest mistake I made in my business was picking a niche because I thought it would make me money instead of picking a niche based on what I really wanted to do and what I was naturally good at.

Let’s just say that didn’t work so well for me. 😆

When I got honest with myself I realized I was only doing things because I thought I SHOULD. I wanted to succeed so badly I was willing to do anything “the experts” told me to do without stopping to think, “Does this feel good to me?”

In Episode Eleven of The Rebel Soul Podcast I’m not holding anything back in this episode so that you can learn from my mistakes. You’re going to hear my story of how I went from burning myself out trying to sign clients in a niche that felt hard and forcing myself to show up to…

Building a sustainable business where my offers feel like it’s an extension of who I am, a conduit to serve the world, where inspiration and ideas are abundant and it attracts soul clients.

Get ready for a raw, vulnerable conversion that is going to give you permission to question everything, break free from the shouldin’ and realign your business to your zone of genius so you can make money doing the thing that lights you up.

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Questions to journal on from this episode:

If no one would judge you, what would you allow yourself to do and have?

What do your friends and family love about you but you’re afraid to share with your community? {where are you following the rules or watering things down}

What would you talk about if you weren’t afraid of what others think?

What would you do, who would you work with, if your success is inevitable?

Brag about yourself… What are your accomplishments that your proud of/ what makes you a badass

What lights you up?