Healing Launch Trauma with TaVona Denise

Episode Eight: Healing Launch Trauma with TaVona Denise

Business is a game of emotions.

The main thing that gets in our way from having the clients, launches, and business that we desire is our emotions.

In today’s conversation with Tavona Denise we are diving deep into the emotions that are holding us back from having the successful launches that we desire. TaVona, the creator of Launch Therapy, introduces us to the concept of Launch Trauma.

If you ever launched an offer and in your mind it was a failure or didn’t go the way you planned… Then this episode is a must listen. If you don’t heal the past failures, you could be carrying that emotional baggage into your future launches.

In this episode we discuss;

⭐️Doing things your way and not getting caught up in what others are doing

⭐️WTF is Launch Trauma

⭐️Understanding how trauma gets in our way from fully showing up in launches and business

⭐️Launch mistakes people make

⭐️I share a vulnerable, never heard before story, about the mistakes I’ve made with launches 

⭐️How to use your Human Design to bring ease into launches 

⭐️The powerful question TaVona uses to shift


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