Creating a Business on Your Terms with Leticia Ringe

Creating a Business on Your Terms with Leticia Ringe

Today’s conversation has been in the making for 5 years. Leticia and myself met in the most serendipitous way which was lead by both of our intuitions. After traveling together for 6 months I got a first hand look at how Leticia creates her business from not only alignment but doing what’s best for her first and knowing her needs, desires and terms.

Through the conversation we talk about…

💫The story of how we met and that’s proof that the right people will ALWAYS come into your life if its meant to be

💫Giving yourself permission to build a business that allows you to meet your NEEDS.

💫How to allow our desires to be our guide and use them standards in our business.

💫How settling boundaries in our business allows us to build a stainable business and allow for all our needs and desires to be met.

💫Misconceptions about aligned actions

💫Navigating the “Creative Struggle” when resistance comes up

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