Years ago I felt like Dorothy,

looking for the answers from the great Wizard of Oz only to learn that the thing she was seeking all along was available to her the whole time, those ruby red slippers on her feet…

Probably just like you, I fell into a career I didn’t love. Early in my career I found myself as a sales person cold calling auto repair shops to sell them postcard reminders. I know, it sure doesn’t sound fun.

But through that job I found my love for sales and started my entrepreneurial journey.

I started my coaching career following all the “rules”. Becoming Certified, showing up consistently and sending out weekly emails. All of my boxes were checked, and yet something was off.

I wasn't having fun or making much money.

And I found myself going down the shoulding, overthinking, over-working, and a whole ton of doubting rabbit hole.

I found myself getting so wrapped up in following other people’s advice and programs, I lost myself, my voice, forgot why I even started, and was so broke I eventually ended up moving home with my parents.

Let me save you a trip down the yellow brick road chasing the illusions of what you think you SHOULD be doing.

From this place of losing it all, I found myself and the answers I had been looking for the entire time.

I learned that the answers you’re looking for are inside of you. Your business is a reflection of who you are BEing, not what you’re DOing

Just like my life now... imagine your reality being....

  • Clients coming effortlessly to you by being yourself.
  • Building a business in a way that lights you up and one that makes it fun to ‘break the rules’
  • Making over 100k per year without worry or “how” because you know the formula for money making
  • Collaborating with well known leaders

All of this and more is possible for you too.

Everything you need to create a business you love is already inside of you.

Are you ready to claim what is already yours?


Hear Some Amazing Success Stories

I used to think sales was the worst part of business. I struggled with it, feeling like a fake, smarmy used car salesman. Awkward. Lauren taught me how to sell from my heart, how to connect with potential clients in a way that feels right.


Lauren was there 100% and showed up with awesome energy for every session. I really learned about my stuck emotions and have learned so much about myself personally. I also booked 2 clients during the first 5 weeks effortlessly.


Her approach is so different from all the other coaches/courses I have done in the past. It opened my eyes to the possibilities of what I could accomplish and showed me that there is not just one way to achieve success in my business. That everything comes from within and to stop looking for what I need externally.