About Me

Are you like me?

If you would have met me two years ago I would have looked like I had it all together from the outside. I had climbed to the top of the corporate ladder, was always smiling, happy and in “high vibes”. But secretly I was trapped inside my own living hell, trying to use food to make me feel better, feeling completely out of control with binging, and looking for solutions outside of myself. I didn’t think it was possible to stop binge eating and I felt hopeless.

Durning my own journey to stop binging I was introduced to the principles of Law of Attraction which allowed me to let go of my need to control and brought freedom and flow into my life. It helped me get out of my own way but I was still binging and still unsure it was possible to stop.

Then I found Life Coaching and my life has been forever changed. The coaching tools I learned was the missing piece to stop binging because they taught me the “how to”  to stop binging. I learned the reason why I couldn’t stop was because of my mind, my thinking and the brain science behind it. It all made so much sense and for the first time in my life I didn’t think something was wrong with me.

Now I’ve taken the principles from the Law of Attraction that helped me let go and find flow and married it with the practical coaching tools and brain science that I used to stop binging and created a process and coaching program to help other women like you, stop binge eating for good.

Are you ready to stop binge eating too? It’s possible, let me teach you.

Everything you think about binge eating is wrong.

Watch this video to find out why.


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