Stop binge eating

for good.

Does it look like you have it all together but

secretly you struggle with binge eating?

Then you’re in the right place!

Watch this video to find out why it’s so hard to stop binge eating.

Success Stories

  • Lauren's program is amazing. I have lost over 25 lbs. working with her, she is incredibly skilled and helped me make the changes to be successful for life. I am no longer addicted to food, nor do I spend my time thinking about my next sugary fix. I am so grateful for Lauren, no more dieting, just living the life I've always wanted.

    Use this program to change your life for the better. You will no longer spend most of your day thinking about food, instead you will create the life you have dreamed about! Lauren has an amazing way of working with her clients to create synergy and help figure out what you want out of life. Her hallmark is her empathy, support and guidance. She believed in me before I could believe in myself.

    If you are considering this program don't wait, get on board and get results. You will be surprised to learn food has no power over you. If you are willing to do the work you will get results.

    Fran B.
    Fran B.
  • "Lauren is an amazing coach and I knew from our first conversation that this was such an incredible thing she's doing and each and every week she shows up for me like I am the only person she's working with.

    Literally, I feel my whole life shifting and falling in to the place I have always wanted it to be.  If you have struggled with this, this is the way for you. You always read things that are 'life changing' and think "yeah yeah....really" but this actually is. Each and every video and workbook Lauren creates speaks SO MUCH SENSE its crazy... I honestly, feel like every time I read something, something clicks in me and its as if she's reading my mind.

    Lauren is living proof that it works and its amazing she's still walking her journey with you at the time and is such an inspiration, she's also super lovely! I’m so blessed to have met Lauren and she will always be a special part of my life now having helped me achieve something I have struggled with for about 20 years now. Thank you so so much Lauren ! "

    Michelle I.
    Michelle I.

Why it’s so hard to stop binge eating.

Watch this video to find out.


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